About The Agile Playground

Hi there! My name is Marjolein. I’m a scrum master and mother of two kids (and two cats!) wife of the man of my dreams, and this is my website. I live in the Netherlands, go for a run or a walk in the forest every day, and love to inspire and be inspired by other agile enthusiasts.

This site is meant to inspire other scrum masters and agilists. I write about creative sessions I facilitate for my teams, and share ideas on how to help teams with scrum. All posts contain practical material that you can apply in your teams.

I am also passionate about planet earth (our most important stakeholder!) and I am raising awareness in the scrum community to become more carbon efficient. It’s my dream is to help a worldwide movement of scrum teams grow that view the planet as their most important stakeholder, that are actively reducing their carbon footprint and share knowledge on how to do that.

I hope you’ll find inspiration and new ideas for retrospectives and team sessions that you can use for your own team, and I invite you to share your experiences!