Looking back – Team Reflection

The week before Christmas my teams and I looked back on the past year (using the Team Christmas Table game). During this team session we used the below list of questions. The questions were formulated for end-of-year reflection, but you can use them to look back on any given time frame.

I asked my team members to roll a dice one by one and answer the question with the matching number. If there was a question they couldn’t or would rather not answer, they could pass the question to another team member.

You can use the online dice tool to pick random questions (create 7 dices with 6 sides).

Online Dice – Virtual Dice Roller (online-dice.com)

Questions for Team Reflection

1.     What did you really enjoy last year?

2.     What of last year makes you proud?

3.     What are you thankful for?

4.     What disappointed you?

5.     What frustrated you?

6.     In what moments did you experience resistance?

7.     Which team member do you admire the most for something he or she did last year?

8.     Which team member would you like to thank for something he or she did last year?

9.     What was a cringing moment for you?

10.   What have we learned from our mistakes?

11.   What have we done too little?

12.   What have we done too much?

13.   Show us your home office!

14.   If you could make the perfect home office, what would it look like?

15.   Which part of working from home do you like the most?

16.   When did you experience stress last year?

17.   Which risks did we take?

18.   Which opportunities did we seize?

19.   Which opportunities should we have seized?

20.   What impact did we make outside of the team?

21.   What was a painful event for you?

22.   With which other teams did we work well together?

23.   What would you have wanted differently last year?

24.   What was the funniest moment with the team last year?

25.   What should we have paid more attention to?

26.   Whom did we say goodbye to?

27.   On what occasions did we go out of our comfort zone?

28.   How did the changes in team composition influence the team?

29.   What have you learned last year?

30.   What is the friendliest thing a team member did for you last year?

31.   What talent have you developed last year?

32.   What did we forget?

33.   How have we improved our way of working last year?

34.   How was the collaboration with our stakeholders?

35.   Which team improvement helped the team the most?

36.   On what occasion did you feel really safe in the team?

37.   What held the team back last year?

38.   How open and transparent was the team last year?

39.   How would you characterize the team?

40.   What is the biggest strength of the team?

41.   What was a moment of weakness?

42. Did we acknowledge our planet as one of our stakeholders? If yes, in what ways? If not, how could we have done that?

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