Way of Working Improvements – Workshop

One of my scrum teams was eager to improve their Way of Working, and wanted to find out what improvements they could agree on to start with. So I created a whiteboard with possible improvements, based on observations and one-on-ones with team members the last months. I gave them the opportunity to add their own ideas, and used the Liberating Structure 124ALL as a method to determine a top 3 supported by all team members.

WoW Improvements session – how to do it?

In Mural I created a template, pre-filled with the improvement ideas. So if you would like to do this session with your team, please find the Mural template here.

The only thing you need to do, is fill in your team members’ names, and add your own ideas that your team might want to improve on, and maybe remove topics that are irrelevant for your team.

Instructions for your team

Give your team the following instructions.

  1. Individually make a top 3 of the improvements you consider most important for the team (you can use the empty post-its if you have ideas that are not on this list).

2. Make pairs. Discuss both your top 3’s and agree on a new combined top 3.

4. Discuss your top 3’s in foursomes and again, agree on a combined top 3.

ALL. Explain your top 3’s to each other as a team and agree on a new combined team top 3. If necessary, vote.

Once you have a supported team top 3, define at least one first practical step you will take to start improving.

Happy improving!

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